Examples of prominent people who have used a ghostwriter

It is a particular sign of our time that celebrities bring memoirs or biographies to the market in a variety of fields, and not because they have something special, something unique to tell their readership, such as an aging politician who works for them Wants to retain the understanding of the political context in certain political decision-making situations, but only to maintain or increase their “market value” in the world of luxury and glamor.

Many celebrities hire professional writers or journalists, ghostwriters, and hire them to write their own biography or other works. The actual authors are often not mentioned and remain unrecognized in the background.

Dieter Bohlen is a respected music producer, but has fewer literary skills. His biographies titled “Nothing but the Truth” and “Behind the Scenes” were not written by himself, but by the BILD columnist Katja Kessler.

Boris Becker also had his biography “Moment, linger …” written by two journalists, Helmut Sorge and Robert Lübenoff (see above).

André Agassi did not rely on his own abilities in his biography titled “Open”, but left it to Pulitzer Prize winner J.R. Moehringer create (see above).
Heidi Klum had her book “Naturally Successful” written by the journalist Alexandra Postman (see above).

Such a procedure is lucrative for ghostwriters and promotes the celebrity of the respective celebrities. However, the ghostwriters are only rarely mentioned by the respective celebrities in public.

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