Difference ghostwriting and academic ghostwriting?

What is the difference between ghostwriting and academic ghostwriting?

There are two main areas of ghostwriting: ghostwriting in general and academic ghostwriting.

The former deals e.g. with making speeches. Often, e.g. Top managers, other leaders from politics and business or private individuals on a variety of occasions Speeches in front of a smaller or even an unmanageably large circle of people. Again, time is lacking, the “sparking ideas” that make a speech an unmistakable event, which everyone later likes to remember with joy, are missing.

Here ghostwriters are available as “invisible assistants”. Once you have the necessary bullet points and initial facts, you create the required speech manuscripts and templates competently and on time. But also the writing of copywriting, brochures, eBooks, in short, well of any kind of texts or text types belongs to the original area of ​​responsibility of ghostwriters.

After all, biographies, biographies and autobiographies also take part in ghostwriting activities. Celebrities or lesser-known people often want to capture the most important events in their lives for posterity or their admirers, but they themselves are often unfamiliar with writing.

Here it is advisable to hire a ghostwriter. But the creation of novels, short stories and other narratives as well as applications, to name just a few types of text, falls into the scope of ghostwriters.

Academic ghostwriting, ie the preparation of seminar, bachelor. Master’s and Magister and semester or term papers and dissertations and popular science articles on the other hand is characterized by the fact that here increased demands are placed on the scientific qualifications and the academic skills of the ghostwriter.

Only experts in their field of expertise are able to adequately address the issues and complex topics that arise in the respective field of science and to provide the client with well-founded elaborations. Added to this is the peculiarity of the client’s fear of plagiarism, which, in view of the plagiarism scandals of recent years, has alarmed the public and the relevant specialist circles.

It can not be emphasized enough that plagiarism is not already present when certain phrases match passages from the Internet, as long as the citation is added. Overall, academic ghostwriting must respect the accepted principles of scientific work.

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